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About us



Sharing the passion to luxurious quality, longterm relevance and desire to care about our planet, we have created  Nuage Cashmere  as a symbol of lightness, softness, warmth and care coming from the nature. It is inspired by providing you with the timeless foundational style product which will last for years vs. supporting the fast fashion, which may last for months if not weeks.    


With our founder originally from Ukraine, we have decided to take a risk and keep our production facilities in Ukraine to support humanity, help people in the country, and stand for democracy in the world.


We choose the highest quality standard in every step of the process to deliver you supreme quality product to amuse your senses with the softness & luxury in every touch.  

We select the yarn only from the best in the world suppliers of the cashmere who are continuously investing in the leading technologies in processing, dyeing and spinning combined with the creative color ensuring unrivaled standard of the yarn quality, such as Cariaggi, Loro Piana and Consinee. 

We use the best Japanese Shima Seiki knitting machines, who strive to "create things that do not exist in the world" with the mantra  of "Love, Creativity & Passion" 

We design our models with the great attention to every detail in the cut, knitting and color to ensure your modern look every single day independently of occasion. 


We stand for the sustainably sourced cashmere from farms where goats are treated responsible, environment is protected and the social, ecological and economic living conditions of the cashmere farmers and their families are respected.  


Nuage Cashmere is standing for responsible consumption with long life time high quality products. With proper care you will enjoy it’s incredible softness and warmth  for years and may decrease the impact of fast Fashion on our planet 

For Nuage Cashmere, sustainability is not just a word but a responsibility, a value that forms our company philosophy. Our cashmere is traceable and responsibly sourced. We are partnering with the cashmere manufactures, which are  encouraging sustainable farming practices and promoting the uptake of sustainably produced cashmere, aimed to help farmers in Mongolia secure animal welfare and protect the region in which they live and work.