Nuage Cashmere is standing for responsible consumption with long life time high quality products. With proper care you will enjoy it’s incredible softness and warmth  for years and may decrease the impact of fast Fasion on our planet

For Nuage Cashmere, sustainability is not just a word but a responsibility, a value that forms our company philosophy. Our cashmere is traceable and responsibly sourced. We use cashmere manufactures, which are  encouraging sustainable farming practices and promoting the uptake of sustainably produced cashmere, aimed to help farmers in Mongolia secure animal welfare and protect the region in which they live and work.

We* have been awarded the coveted Good Cashmere Standard, an award that serves as a benchmark to reassure our  cashmere is sustainably and responsibly produced.

Did you know that cashmere is obtained by brushing the goats? Animal welfare is a number one priority and leads to clear code of practice of cashmere goat protection. This is enforced through creating standards that we insist herders follow from breeding, shearing, feeding, transportation and general health and welfare of the goats. No animal should be subject to hunger, thirst, discomfort, plain, injury or disease. Animals must also have the freedom to express normal behaviour and life free from fear and distress.


*we mean Nuage Cashmere or our suppliers of yarns, such as Consinee or Cariaggi.