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Nuage Cashmere

Wood Peeling Comb

Wood Peeling Comb

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Essential accessory to take care of treasured items of clothing looking their best. Help clothes last longer and stay soft. Easily removes bobbles from your cashmere knitwear.

Care Instructions

One of the best ways to clean your cloth while  environmental impact is to opt for hand-washing!
If you choose to hand-wash, here is how we recommend to do it:

Step 1: Fill a basin with luke warm water with a small amount of gentle, dye-free detergent. Eco-friendly baby detergent is our favorite.
Step 2: Submerge your cashmere and gently swirl for 1 min. Then, let it soak for 5 min. Gently press your cashmere to let out excess water, be careful not to twist or stretch.
Step 3: Lay sweater flat on a thick, dry towel. Roll the towel up like a yoga mat, pressing as you go.
Step 4: Unroll and lay flat in its natural shape to air dry. Never use a dryer!
If any wrinkles remain after completely dry, use a steamer to remove.

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